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As a 48 year-old man in average shape, I recently discovered my passion for martial arts.  Early in my training I suffered a shoulder injury that left me feeling angry, sad, and scared that I would no longer be able to practice aikido.

I had a consultation with Isabel and she put me at ease right away with her kind, gentle nature, her thoughtful questions, and her keen intellect.  She gave me a remedy and I followed her directions carefully.

A mere three days later, my range of motion had increased from about 35-40% to 85-90%! Now I am back in the dojo training and learning again, and I could not be more delighted or grateful.  Thank you, Isabel!

                           -Tim B.

                            Durango, CO

Isabel and I have been working together for the past six years seeing patients and using homeopathy to support health. Over these six years we have grown to appreciate our connection and how much homeopathy can help others. I always learn so much when we work together!

                       -Michelle Hemingway, MD

I was skeptical at first about the effectiveness of homeopathy. I have now had several sessions with Isabel and feel the wonderful effects of the remedies. I feel they can be essential in my life as a healthy way of treating emotional and physical issues. Isabel's knowledge and passion are infectious. I have loved getting to know her.

                              -Susan Brightman

I recently underwent cataract surgery in both eyes. As a result of the remedies Isabel prescribed for me before and after surgery, I experienced no pain whatsoever. Homeopathy rocks!

                           -Miguette St. Gerard, RN

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